springerin 1/17

The Post-Curatorial Turn


Whereas the figure of the curator has taken centre-stage in the exhibitions business over the last three decades, with curatorial authority and authorship assuming a central role within both mainstream and alternative institutional structures, more recently other forms of cooperation have increasingly seemed to be arising in exhibition organisation: there is talk of a Post-Curatorial Turn. The first 2017 issue examines the emerging interest in developing genre-busting exhibition formats and presentation forms and the close connections between this phenomenon and new constellations, both self-organised and institutional, with a clear interest in a longer term, coherent exhibition policy; it also addresses how this development is linked to concepts such as artistic research, alternative teaching and study practices, as well as the structural crisis of museums.


From Para to Post: The Rise and Fall of Curatorial Reason

Post-Curatorial: Testing Site

From critique of institutions to Institutional Critique