Issue 3/2019

Freedom Africa

A new focus on the geopolitical status of the African continent has begun to take shape, even before new migration routes emerged (and were immediately blocked). For some time now, discourses on decoloniality, the Global South and the dangers of a continuing “Afro-pessimism” have aimed to correct the continent’s image (in as much as that can be said to constitute any kind of uniform formation). Continuous attempts to bring multiple art practices from various African regions closer to a global audience also play a decisive role. How can the thought patterns and pictorial regimes concerning “Africa” that still prevail be freed from their traditional rigidification? How is it possible to overcome the obsessive linkage of the continent with certain geopolitical markers (an endless reservoir of raw materials, a market for cheap products, above all production of “human waste”)? The “Freedom Africa” issue raises the question of new approaches to such a discourse of liberation and the corresponding diverse spectrum of art forms. It also examines new lines of connection currently opening up between art and migration, as well as asking how a contemporary way of thinking about Africa that is stripped of predominantly negative connotations can be promoted.

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Ines Doujak