Issue 1/2018

Asocial Media?

Developments triggered by the advent of what are termed "social media" are in full swing, and no-one can yet foresee the ramifications this will have in a whole host of very different areas. The offshoots of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. have long encroached upon the art sphere, and have started to significantly influence not only reception but also production and circulation of art. That is more than reason enough to engage with the "sociality" and the networking reality occasioned by these media. Is the promise of democratisation inherent to these channels and outlets actually being fulfilled on the social level? Do these media help to generate a multi-perspective, and indeed critical, public sphere? Or do they contribute to increasingly pronounced fragmentation and segregation of incompatible public spheres? All these topics are explored in the "Asocial Media?" edition in the light of contemporary artistic practices.

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