Issue 4/2020

Contemporary Artist Writing

Contemporary art is characterized inter alia by the way in which analysis and reflectivity function as part of the artistic process per se. No doubt there is a comprehensive and in many respects more heterogeneous discourse <i>about</i> the way art is created, circulated and perceived. Rarely, however, is any thought given in this context to the extent to which artists themselves drive this process forward by writing, producing texts and discourse. Or, to go a little further, to the question of how the function of criticism and reflective thinking have long since found their own way into artistic creation. This issue, created in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (classes led by Florian Pumhösl, Nicole Wermers and Alexandra Bircken) attempts to illustrate how much this creative output owes today to what might be called Contemporary Artist Writing in the broadest sense of the term.

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Ines Doujak