Issue 2/2001

You are the World

»You are the world!« – a catchword that can be heard everywhere today. It is part of the rhetoric of the globally active consumer and culture industries, but also a central element in the debate about universal human rights. It is used by right-wing demagogues to construct national feelings, as well as by emancipative movements demanding democracy and justice on an increasingly international level. What concrete circumstances, what contradictory realities are concealed behind the contradictory promises of this phrase? It is a question being examined today by artists from many different fields: filmmakers from China and Hong Kong who scrutinize the radical changes taking place both in a rural and an urban context, Argentinean theater projects telling of the traumas of dictatorship and globalization, social theoreticians from Europe who refle... » read more


Issue 2/2001 Du bist die Welt

Net section

Around the World? Around the World!
Global Electronica between Exploitation of Difference and Cultural Democratization
Christian Höller

Electronic Music from Argentina
Noise from a faraway island where no one wants to survive
Pablo Schanton

Tijuana Moods
The Mexican Nortec collective is redefining bounder-crossing
Enrique Lavin


You are the World

A double-edged sword
Interview with Immanuel Wallerstein
Workshop »Theory Unrealized« and »Imagining Democracy«

Economy and the Production of Subjectivity
The binding of affective powers in contemporary capitalism
Maurizio Lazzarato

Children of the »Missing«
A discussion with Gabriela Massuh about the new realism in recent Argentinean cinema and theatre productions
Katrin Klingan, Hortensia Völckers

»Death liberates the memory«
Interview with the Lebanese writer Elias Khoury
Sonja Mejcher

Blurred Boundaries, Impossible Home and Sexualized Modernity
On contemporary Chinese cinema
Bérénice Reynaud

Migration und Kino
Deniz Göktürk

Europe's Dream
A documentary film project
Hito Steyerl

Greetings from Vienna
The Viennese artist Ines Doujak and her works dealing with the visual ideology of racism, female sexuality, and minorities
Roger M. Buergel, Hedwig Saxenhuber

The Ararat of Subculture
»Rabiz,« the urban folklore of Armenia, developed a special and unconventional form in the 20th century
Ruben Arevshatyan

Irrigating the Zuyder Zee
Political resistance as a cultural achievement
Boris Buden

Rosa of Luxembourg
Sanja Ivekovic's counter-monument to the Luxembourg war memorial »Gëlle Fra«, and the debate it has caused
Georg Schöllhammer



A Congo Chronicle – A Man Of Mercy
Dierk Schmidt

Diagonale 2001
Herwig G. Höller

Videonale 9
Vera Tollmann

Joan Jonas: Performance Video Installation
Petra Löffler

Hybrid Dwellings
Marek Wasilewski

Das Gedächtnis der Kunst: Geschichte und Erinnerung in der Kunst der Gegenwart
Gerald Echterhoff

The Singh Twins: Breaking The Mould
Martin Reiterer

Jörn Ebner

Kaucyila Brooke: Burned…
Dorit Margreiter

Blondies + Brownies
Justin Hoffmann

Tamiko Thiel und Zara Houshmand: Beyond Manzanar
Michael Hauffen

Plattform 2_ Documenta 11
Boris Buden

Cerith Wyn Evans
Brigitte Huck

Trinh T. Minh-ha
Marina Grzinic

Sanja Ivekovic: Personal Cuts
Hedwig Saxenhuber



Sarah Williams Goldhagen, Réjean Legault (Hg.):
Anxious Modernisms
Martin Beck

Peter D. Osborne:
Travelling Light
Jörn Glasenapp

Serge Daney:
Von der Welt ins Bild / Im Verborgenen
Dominik Kamalzadeh

Oliver Grau:
Virtuelle Kunst in Geschichte und Gegenwart
Christiane Wettig