Issue 3/2006

Working Poor

It is at best on the margins that contemporary art takes poverty and social disadvantage as its themes. It is true that the wave of repoliticization over the last ten years has produced all sorts of socially engaged approaches. But these have tended to indulge in a kind of »welfare art« instead of developing analytic, artistic-cum-political categories. It is rare for social conditions as a whole, let alone the lifestyle of lower third of the working population, to come into view. The present issue enquires after the relevance of the category »working poor« - not just with regard to general social conditions of production, but in particular with reference to its cultural embodiments. There is much talk today of the »precarization« of all forms of social security. But what does this really mean for those affected, both within and outside ... » read more


Net section

»I will chocolate you«
The Internet in China and the West’s role
Vera Tollmann

Maps for the People
Contemporary Web projects on issues of cartography and territorial representation
Alessandro Ludovico

Reconstructing the Processor
Roland Seidel and Achim Stiermann’s »MAN OS 1 / extraordinateur«
Marina Grzinic

Great, If It Rocks As Well!
The productions of the Viennese electronic label MOSZ
Christina Nemec

Life in the Electro-Club
A German-Polish exchange project about glamour trash
Petra Erdmann

Archaic Looking Devices
The preservation project »«
Christiane Fricke

Lost & Found (XII)
The rediscovery of the British artist and musician Linder
Christian Höller


Working Poor

The art of not becoming accustomed to anything
Precarious work in flexible capitalism
Klaus Ronneberger

Chto Delat - Angry Sandwich People or: In Praise of Dialectics
Slide show with audio track, 2005
Dmitri Vilensky and David Riff

Beyond Capital and State
Interview with the (post)operaistic theorist Paolo Virno
Klaus Ronneberger

A Shift in the Representation of the Worker
From Social Realism to “Soros Realism”
Ana Peraica

The new spirit of artistic capitalism
A conference in London examines the conditions currently shaping artistic criticism and social projects
Monika Vykoukal

Parrhesia, Poverty, Art
The act of parrhesia & the artistic act of problematising poverty
Süreyyya Evren

Happy Workers
Dario Azzellini’s and Oliver Ressler’s film »Five Factories« documents worker-controlled firms in Venezuela
Jens Kastner

»I won’t take a penny from Europe«
The »Déberlinisation« project by Senegalese artist Mansour Ciss
Dietrich Heissenbüttel

Utopian Urbanism 2.0 (for over-8s)
The Madrid immigrant quarter Lavapiés, the computer game »Border Games« by the Spanish group La Fiambrera Obrera and the limits of the possible
Krystian Woznicki

Detroit Industries: Jax Carwash, 2000
Annette Weisser/Ingo Vetter

Closed Communities
The programme »Radical Closure« at the Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Christian Höller

Animator of the Blue Line
The retrospective of Edward Krasinski at the Generali Foundation
Hedwig Saxenhuber

»Hey Guys...«
Jeroen de Rijke 1970-2006
Christopher Williams



»Sexy Myth
Images of the Self and the Other by Male and Female Artists«
Manuela Schöpp und Elena Zanichelli

Jo Spence
»Beyond the Perfect Image«
Ruth Sonderegger

»Periferic 7 – Focussing Iasi«
International Contemporary Art Biennale
Cosmin Costinas

Mario Navarro
»The New Ideal Line«
Cordula Daus

Clemens von Wedemeyer
Alexander Koch

»An American Family«
Hias Wrba

Jason Simon
Cynthia Chris

Daria Martin/Bernd Krauß
»A world of pleasures to win«
Tanja Widmann

»Blows into microphone: It is all right? Voice off mike: It’s all right. Pause. h.f«
Dietmar Schwärzler

... from the Erste Bank-collection«
Ileana Pintilie

Dave Hullfish Bailey
Christa Benzer

»Canada Dreaming
Ideas and desires for the future from artists in America’s largest state«
Victoria Romei



Fundación Rodríguez, Marina Grzinic, Jose Maria Mariátegui, Marcus Neustetter, Oliver Ressler, Hito Steyerl (Hg.):
Tester Book
Christa Benzer

Eva Illouz:
Gefühle in Zeiten des Kapitalismus
Thomas Edlinger

Thomas Ballhausen, Günter Krenn, Lydia Marinelli (Hg.):
Psyche im Kino
Judith Fischer

Georg Schmid:
Freud/Film oder das Kino als Kur
Judith Fischer

Karlien de Villiers:
Meine Mutter war eine schöne Frau
Martin Reiterer

Marjane Satrapi:
Martin Reiterer

Michel Wieviorka:
Die Gewalt
Jens Kastner