Issue 3/2021

Digital Ecology

Climate catastrophe and digitalization. Leaving aside the pandemic, which continues to shape all realms of life, these two issues are probably among the most pressing topics today. The recently published report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) demonstrates clearly – and scientifically – that there is no longer any way to avoid the climate emergency. The question is simply what can still be done effectively by whom to avert the worst-case scenario. For some time now there have been a wealth of artistic proposals on that front – in fact, it almost appears that the climate catastrophe has also irrevocably hit contemporary art over the past year. However thematic trends are often short-lived – or shaped by the periods in which they unfold, as a look at digitalization and its influence on the art scene rev... » read more


Net section

It is a Forest, not a Tree
The Werkleitz Festival 2021 Traced the Contours of the „New World (Dis)Order”
Sabine Maria Schmidt

„Can you imagine solidarity?“
In Barbara Kapusta’s oeuvre, leaking bodies and social surfaces are the protagonists of a future world inspired by techno-feminism and science fiction
Christa Benzer

Salvation and Hubris from the Server Room
The Exhibition Sensing Scale Explores the Influence of Planetary Networks on Our Lives
Jens Bülskämper

Cinema vs. Empire
About Vincent Meessen’s Film Juste un Mouvement (2021)
Jochen Becker

Trust Must be Beautiful, or My Fair Mining? Reflections on the Crypto Movement
Taguhi Torosyan und Stefanie Wuschitz


Digital Ecology

Ecological Uncodings
Decolonizing Digital Futures
Maja und Reuben Fowkes

Wastes of Time, Wastes of Life, Wastes of Energy, Wastes of Space: On the Digital and Ecological in Some Recent Art
Matthew Fuller und Olga Goriunova

How We Are Saving the World with Digital Technology
Artificial Intelligence as a Benevolent Dictator
Roberto Simanowski

Gaia, Cyborgs, and the Novacene
Trying to move closer to digital ecology with James Lovelock
Christian Höller

Selected Works
Image Gallery
Kameelah Janan Rasheed

Byron the Bulb – Death, Technology, and Transformation
Diedrich Diederichsen

Can Art Do the Work?
From Narratives to Protocols, from Habit to Ethics
Daphne Dragona

Eco-Aesthetic of Plant Surfaces
About the Video Essay Seed, Image, Ground and Digital Ecology
Jussi Parikka & Abelardo Gil-Fournier

Jungle Memory
Image Gallery
Andreas Greiner



Extractive Zones
Sønke Gau

Anri Sala
Ada Karlbauer

Stefan Panhans/Andrea Winkler – The Pow(d)er of I Am Klick Klick Klick Klick and a very very bad bad musical!
Celina Baljeet Basra

Kathi Hofer – Arbeiterinnen verlassen die Fabrik
Christina Töpfer

Christian Egger

Patricia Piccinini – Embracing the Future
Nina Prader

14. Baltic Triennial – The Endless Frontier
Kathrin Heinrich

Interieur. A Tribute to Erwin Hauer
Annette Südbeck

Overground Resistance
Ameli M. Klein

Alfredo Jaar – Das Rote Wien
Milena Dimitrova



Isabell Lorey:
Demokratie im Präsens
Anna Bromley und Michael Fesca

Joseph Vogl:
Kapital und Ressentiment
Michael Hauffen

Elad Lapidot:
Peter Kunitzky

Gabu Heindl:
Friederike Landau