Issue 2/2004

Rip-off Culture

Issues of cultural appropriation have recently gained in urgency and relevance. Ideational claims to ownership collide ever more frequently with the actual, existing distribution of property – and in an increasingly drastic fashion, as is shown not only by the current battles for a share in cultural goods, but also the legistic measures that accompany them. A new set-up seems to be emerging here, with the advocates of »copy, rip and burn« on the one side, and those who champion copy protection and anti-filesharing campaigns on the other. In the appropriative procedures of art, the problems of original and copy, of reference and borrowing, have always been articulated in a complex way. In his article, Daniel Pies examines what forms the intertextual treatment of »extra-artistic« knowledge takes on today and what view of things is promoted... » read more


Issue 2/2004 Rip-off Culture

Net section

The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Production and consumption of music in the era of its digital reproducibility
Hias Wrba

Mixburnrip and the consequences
An interview with Janko Röttgers on the future of digital music distribution
Kito Nedo

Globalization Is Right Nearby, and It Is Now
Bazaars as a gauge of the transformation to a free market economy
Krystian Woznicki

Confirmation of the Crisis
The Munich festival »NEURO – networking europe«
Vera Tollmann

Programmed Anti-Form
The DVD »auto_generation_DC« by reMI has recently been released by Edition Medienturm
Marc Ries

Twenty-Five Years of Video Aesthetics
The exhibition »Video« in the NRW- Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft in Düsseldorf
Cosima Rainer

Lost & Found (IV)
The retrospective »A Different History« at the 50th Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Christian Höller


Rip-off Culture

Staged Knowledge
Two paradigms for the aesthetic appropriation of cultural discourses: Gitte Villesen and Cerith Wyn Evans
Daniel Pies

Creative Collecting - For Beginners
Luchezar Boyadjiev

Osteuropäische ©opymanie
Ana Peraica

Hard-Disk Parties, Backpack Libraries and Open CD-Archives
Rip-off dynamics in Bucharest
Stefan Tiron

Hunters and (Sample-)Gatherers
The problems of trans-cultural borrowing in contemporary music
Christian Höller

The boom of creativity and non-conformity
Thomas Edlinger

Who Owns the Formula for a High?
A contribution to the debate about patent rights and the legalization of drugs
Hans-Christian Dany

Stolen Architecture
The New York architect Michael Rakowitz constructs easily assembled mobile shelters for the homeless
Noah Chasin

Public Brands – Bordeaux, 2004
Text und Bilder: Andreas Fogarasi

An exhibition in the Ludwig Museum in Cologne investigates the symmetry of crisis, new solidarities and artistic procedures in Argentina in 2001
Roger M. Buergel, Gregor Jansen, Sophia Prinz

Memórias Íntimas Marcas
An interview with the artist Fernando Alvim about building up an African art network
Christian Hanussek

A Historical Corset
A large-scale anthology attempts to trace the Yugoslavian avant-garde movements of the twentieth century
Suzana Milevska

Politically Correct Trauma
»The Hidden Holocaust«
Katalin Timár



»20/20 Vision«
Hedwig Saxenhuber

»Documentary ›Fictions‹«
Katharina Gsöllpointner

Yael Bartana
Melanie Ohnemus

Jiri Kovanda – »I am not against«
David Kulhanek

»Call me ISTANBUL ist mein Name«
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Helena Almeida: »Pés no chão, cabeça no céu«
Miguel von Hafe Pérez

Roman Ondák: »Spirit and Opportunity«
Frank Frangenberg

Bernard Bazile: »Ein Maß für alle«
Gislind Nabakowski

»Atelier Europa – A Small Post-Fordian Drama«
Doro Wiese

Valérie Favre: »Schiesserei im Schlafwald«
Jens Kastner

»Infame Bilder«
Christa Benzer

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha:
Jens Kastner

Wiener Linien
Nicola Hirner

Zupancic/Zivadinov: Mehatron Noordung
Herwig G. Höller



Gareth James, Florian Zeyfang (Hg.):
I said I love. That is the promise.
Axel John Wieder

David Harvey:
The New Imperialism
Anette Baldauf

Jutta Weber & Corinna Bath (Hg.):
Turbulente Körper, soziale Maschinen.
Nanna Lüth

Büro trafo.K/Renate Höllwart, Charlotte Martinz-Turek, Nora Sternfeld und Alexander Pollak (Hg.):
In einer Wehrmachtsausstellung
Jo Schmeiser