Issue 3/2005

South America: The New Hope?

In contrast with the worldwide trend towards neo-liberal consolidation, political situations in Latin America seem to be in a state of rapid change. The emancipatory movements on this continent have become a focus of projected hopes from many different quarters. This does not always correspond with local realities; the minority progress that is actually achieved does not always live up to these worldwide expectations. This springerin issue looks at the cultural and artistic promises linked with this political reorientation. In the discussion between the artists Lívia Flores, Lúcia Koch and Ricardo Basbaum, there is explicit debate on the potential for action and resistance of Brazilian contemporary art in the era of Lula da Silva. A special feature is devoted to the current works of Ricardo Basbaum, and examines in particular their impli... » read more


Issue 3/2005 Hoffnung Südamerika?

Net section

On the Brazilian net art scene
Ricardo Rosas

Hoping for the Truth
The conference »Copyfight« and the state of the copyright debate
Mariann Unterluggauer

Noise on the Margins
The work of the Uruguayan Net artist Brian Mackern
Alessandro Ludovico

In the Realm of Hallucinations
Cartographies of the possible or: Politics of sonic perceptive distortion
Krystian Woznicki

Favela Funkeiros
The new international interest in the »baile funk« phenomenon
Petra Erdmann

Lost & Found (IX)
Brazil experienced its own small-scale post-punk boom in the 1980s, documented on current re-releases
Christian Höller


South America: The New Hope?

The Potential Personality
Trans-subjectivity in the society of control
Brian Holmes

Action and Resistance in the Global Era
A conversation with three artists about the Brazilian situation.
Miguel von Hafe Pérez

Brazil in the MoMA Collection
An analysis of the insertion of Brazilian art in an international art institution
Ana Letícia Fialho

Avenida Glauber Rocha
New discoveries and rediscoveries in the work of the Brazilian filmmaker
Peter Friedl

Heroes without Character
The rediscovery of Brazilian cinema
Bert Rebhandl

The Sum of Possible Influence
South American cities between nation-building and globalisation
Krystian Woznicki

Brasilia, 2000
Print Version only
Sean Snyder

Exploring the World from the Periphery
On selected works by Chilean video artist Edgar Endress
Dietrich Heissenbüttel

Reversing the Process of Exclusion
Radical social transformation in Venezuela under Hugo Chávez
Dario Azzellini

Plant Politics
Lois & Franziska Weinberger’s garden and vegetation concept art in a first big retrospective
Georg Schöllhammer



Berenika Partum

History Of Disappearance
Jörn Ebner

Andreas Fogarasi – »Westen (aka Osten)«
Eva Kernbauer

Petra Löffler

»Kollektive Kreativität«
Thomas Edlinger

Christa Benzer

»Wisdom of Nature: Eight Visions From Austria«
Christian Höller

»Gleichzeitig in Afrika«
Heike Ander

»ongoing: feminism & activism«
Andrea Domesle

7. Sharjah Biennale 2005 – »Belonging«
Eva Egermann

Charlotte Posenenske
Susanne Neuburger

Yvonne P. Doderer

Hans Scheirl – »hans im auto: inneneier begleitprogramm«
Tanja Widmann



YEAN (Hg.):
Anette Baldauf

Susanne Lummerding:
Christa Benzer

Andreas Fanizadeh, Eva-Christina Meier (Hg.):
Chile International. Kunst, Existenz, Multitude
Jens Kastner

David B.:
Martin Reiterer

David B.:
Martin Reiterer

Simon Reynolds:
Rip It Up and Start Again
Pat Blashill