Issue 3/2013

Apparatus Machines

Machines and appliances seem to have us firmly in their clutches. Even the freedoms we believe we enjoy are largely based on mechanical devices – irrespective of how much control we think we exercise over them. Our daily lives are permeated with a perpetual stream of new gadgets, not to mention apparatus-based process – in many cases without us being explicitly aware of this. It could even be claimed, perhaps with some exaggeration, that any innovation or progress to be found nowadays exists in the technological sphere. In contrast, socially and politically, but also in the arts, there are more and more signs that the prime focus is simply on keeping a questionable status quo ticking over, with varying degrees of success - a status quo that is highly dependent on machine logics and procedures. At the same time, innovation-driven developm... » read more


Net section

The Conspiracy of Surfaces…
Timothy Druckrey

Controversial Flattening
Flatness: Cinema after the Internet at the 2013 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Rainer Bellenbaum

Das Paradox der „sozialen Medien“
Vera Tollmann

The Liquid (digital) library
Alessandro Ludovico

Someone is talking to me
Sarah Kayß


Apparatus Machines

Designer Cartier Love Bracelet Ring Sale-005-try.jpg (eine von euch Art Mag Remix 2013)
Tanja Widmann

Desiring failing machines
Anne Querrien and Anne Sauvagnargues

Der Aufstieg der Metadatengesellschaft
Matteo Pasquinelli

Writing machines in the vineyard of the text
A conversation with Mathieu Copeland and Kenneth Goldsmith on conceptual poetry, writing the exhibition and the future of writing
J. Emil Sennewald

Neuerungen missachten
Felix Klopotek

Murder instrument, art gadget, design object
On the discourse on armed drones
Herwig G. Höller

Untitled (on-going drone project), 2010 - 2013
Trevor Paglen

Die technoid-autoritäre Metropole und ihre mentale Topografie
Bariaa Mourad



Yvonne Volkart

Nasan Tur
Su-Ran Sichling

Mark Fisher und Justin Barton
Amy Croft

Losing the Human Form
Karin Jaschke

Asco: Elite de lo oscuro. Una retrospectiva 1972–1987
Sophie Goltz

Herwig G. Höller

Ahlam Shibli
Monika Vykoukal

Lieber Aby Warburg, was tun mit Bildern?
Anna Artaker

Filipa César
Gabriele Hoffmann

Kevin Dooley

Tim Stüttgen 1977-2013
Nicolas Siepen



Wolfang Müller:
Subkultur Westberlin 1979–1989. Freizeit
Tilman Baumgärtel

Ulrich Gutmair:
Die ersten Tage von Berlin: Der Sound der Wende
Tilman Baumgärtel

Stuart Bailey, Angie Keefer, David Reinfurt (Hg.):
Bulletins of the Serving Library #4
Yuki Higashino

C. B. Daring, J. Rogue, Deric Shannon, Abbey Volcano (Hg.):
Queering Anarchism
Jens Kastner, Hannahlisa Kunyik

Birthe Klementowski, Herausgegeben von Marcus Stiglegger:
Stille || Silence. Euthanasie in Hadamar 1941–1945
Gislind Nabakowski

P. Ôtié, Li Kunwu:
Ein Leben in China Bd. 1: Die Zeit meines Vaters Bd. 2: Die Zeit der Partei
Martin Reiterer