Issue 3/2017

The Empire Strikes Back?

It is already a quarter of a century since the Soviet Union formally ceased to exist. The after-effects generated by the downfall of this erstwhile empire still however appear in a whole host of different forms to this day. Many current problems, ranging from political difficulties to social and economic tensions in the former Soviet republics, can only be understood against the backdrop of this historical process whose repercussions are still felt today. Old elites have been replaced by their new counterparts. Long-simmering conflicts have broken out again in earnest, with no clear end in sight. New geopolitical fault-lines and spheres of influence now criss-cross the region of the former Soviet bloc region. As pan-European integration becomes an increasingly remote prospect, a newly invigorated Russia emerges with growing forcefulness. I... » read more


Net section

Die Frauen und Männer mit der Kamera (german only)
Dietrich Heißenbüttel

Liebe als soziale Praxis (german only)
Yvonne Volkart

Monumente des Postrealen (german only)
Christa Benzer

Gegenzeit (german only)
Christian Höller

Was will die Reisepassdrohne von mir? (german only)
Krystian Woznicki


The Empire Strikes Back?

Risse im Empire (german only)
Wolfgang Kil, Georg Schöllhammer

Jerewan – Neuinterpretation und Verfall (german only)
Ruben Arevshatyan

Die Rückkehr des verdrängten Imperiums Der Fall Usbekistan (german only)
Boris Chukhovich

Defragmenting Omnipresence
The Struggle for Preservation of Soviet Standard Estates
Dimitrij Zadorin

Krieg der Werte (german only)
Jewhenija Hubkina

A Ghost Boulevard is Haunting the City
Stefan Rusu

Der sowjetische Modernismus und Georgien (german only)
Gaga Kiknadze

Der gute Universalismus (german only)
Olga Shparaga



Katharina Sieverding. Kunst und Kapital. Werke 1967–2017 (german only)
Gislind Nabakowski

Andreas Fogarasi. Plan/Plán (german only)
Yuki Higashino

Dejima. Konzepte von Ein- und Ausschluss (german only)
Lisa Britzger

Johannes Porsch. Tropology – Ein Ausstellungsrundgang mit Wendungen (german only)
Christian Egger

Nie jestem juz psem (Ich bin kein Hund mehr) (german only)
Herwig G. Höller

Chinafrika. under construction (german only)
Agnieszka Roguski

Cristina Lucas. Global Edges (german only)
Lisa Moravec

Juan Acha. Despertar revolucionario (german only)
Jens Kastner

Marcel Odenbach. Beweis zu nichts (german only)
Bettina Brunner