Issue 1/2019


It is now almost 30 years since the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began to disintegrate. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, the urge for independence in some of the country’s constitutive republics, fueled in part by ultra-nationalist tendencies, proved a particular trial for a peace order in south-eastern Europe that long seemed impossible. Ongoing wars, repeated flare-ups of conflicts and the kind of ethnic “purges” that occurred in the 1990s continue to have a traumatic impact that resonates to this day in ways scarcely considered possible on the threshold to the 21st century. At times unstable peace agreements have meanwhile become established, although these are somewhat disputed and continue to spark further conflicts. Separatist tendencies and border demarcations within and around the region remain burn... » read more


Net section

Critique of Conspiracy – Conspiracy of Critique?
About the Exhibition Im Zweifel für den Zweifel
Sabine Maria Schmidt

Does the „Block“ Succeed the Book?
On Blockchain and Literature
Alessandro Ludovico

Smooth, Vivid, Fragile: Marble as Material, Motive and Texture in Post-digital Art
Ellen Wagner

48 Hours Sleep
Smooth, Vivid, Fragile: Marble as Material, Motive and Texture in Post-digital Art
Barbara Seyerl

When the Sardine Can Looks Back
About Nonhuman Subjectivity and Agency
Rahma Khazam



Post-Yugoslav Art: Beyond Social Utopia
Jelena Petrović

Borders Without Borders
Alban Muja

„The Proletarian Lung“
The Struggle for the Commons as Memory Politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Damir Arsenijević

Painting as a Revitalization of Historic Memory
Irma Markulin

Video Essay from the Project Europa Enterprise
Lala Raščić

Emil (B5044)
A Historical Animal-Docu-fiction
Andrea Palašti

On Solidarity in Time
In Front of an Empty Wall, Looking at a Lost Image
Jelena Vesić, Darinka Pop-Mitić

Authorised Persons Only (2016)
Montenegro, an Area Torn Between Tourism, Illegal Construction Activity, and NATO
Siniša Radulović

Bijouterie of Memory
How „National“ Art Contributes to the Perpetuation of the Status quo
Danilo Prnjat

From the Series untitled and Exterminators
Photography and Erasure, Text: Dora García
Fani Zguro



wildes wiederholen. material von unten
Michael Hauffen

1971 – Parallel Nonsynchronism
Emese Kürti

Ricarda Denzer – Erste Fassung (Interpretation) / Stefanie Seibold – Centerfolds
Sabine Mostegl

KwieKulik. SHE and HE
Corinna Kühn

Iris Andraschek/Hubert Lobnig – Empfindliches Gleichgewicht
Nora Leitgeb

Generalprobe. Arbeiten aus den Sammlungen von V-A-C, MMOMA und KADIST
Herwig G. Höller

Imogen Stidworthy
Sabine Weier

Abstraction as an Open Experiment
Bettina Brunner

Donna Huanca – Piedra Quemada
Milena Dimitrova

Wendelien van Oldenborgh – Future Footnotes
Aleksei Borisionok



Volker Demuth:
Der nächste Mensch
Peter Kunitzky

Hans-Christian Dany:
MA-1. Mode und Uniform
Julia Moritz

Florian Rainer/Jutta Sommerbauer:
Grauzone. Eine Reise zwischen den Fronten im Donbass
Martin Reiterer