Issue 4/2020

Contemporary Artist Writing

When and how is all this going to stop? What will happen when this period, proclaimed to be the new normality, is no longer something out of the ordinary? And who will we be, having then possibly learnt to live—to coexist—a little better with the constant threat facing our existence and its precarious nature? Those are questions that can only be answered to a limited degree from our current perspective. Questions that have also led to a search for alternatives to our former customary procedures, in the art world as elsewhere. Questions, finally, that give us cause to think beyond what constituted the status quo until just a short time ago, both in terms of content and in pragmatic, organizational terms. Since last spring, for example, a new speculative search for alterity, for an unavoidable opening-up of discourse, can be observed in many... » read more


Net section

Kultivierte Divergenzen
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Emotionen und Technologie
Sabine Maria Schmidt

Relational Gaming
On the Social Aspect of Artistic Computer Games
Lorenz Caspar Ecker

Zug und Trug
Raphael Dillhof

Gebt alles, was ihr habt!
Martin Conrads


Contemporary Artist Writing

The Grid and the Gradient
Sam Lewitt

Vorschlag für einen Vortrag über Distanz
Nora Schultz

The Conference of the Animals
Conversation between the Curator Amy Zion and the Artist Ulrike Müller
Ulrike Müller, Amy Zion

Cameron Rowland

Pati Hill – Dreams Objects Moments
Maurin Dietrich

Wolfgang Paalen – der schreibende Surrealist
Gespräch mit dem Kunsthistoriker Andreas Neufert



Radikale Passivität: Politiken des Fleisches
Michael Hauffen

Disturbance: Witch
Nina Prader

Mohamed Bourouissa – Brutal Family Roots
Christa Benzer

Hito Steyerl – I Will Survive
Teresa Retzer

Wo Kunst geschehen kann. Die frühen Jahre des CalArts
Ana Hoffner

YOUTH, GIRLS. Luo Yang Selected Works
Ada Karlbauer

Nach uns die Sintflut
Milena Dimitrova

Gelebt – Ingeborg Strobl
Gitti Huck

Edi Hila – Der Klang der Tuba
Susanne Neuburger

Curated_by 2020 – Hybrids
Valentinas Klimašauskas



Sebastian Mühl:
Utopien der Gegenwartskunst
Christoph Chwatal

Werner Rappl (Hg.):
Guy Debord. Das filmische Gesamtwerk
Christian Höller

Eugene Thacker:
Im Staub dieses Planeten
Peter Kunitzky

Joe Sacco:
Wir gehören dem Land
Martin Reiterer