Issue 2/2007


In the autumn of 2006, we started to look at questions that are raised or implied by the leitmotifs of documenta 12. Our concern is not so much to find direct answers to these questions, as ways of approaching and paraphrasing them – to do a kind of groundwork on defining complex themes such as modernity or bare life. Like the issues »Tactics/Topographies« and »Different Modernities«, the present issue with the title »Life/Survival« also applies this indirect approach and tries to map out a field that is influenced in many different ways by these two key concepts. »What is bare life?« is a question that has been a central focus of art and theory over the past few years. The vulnerability and fragility of human life has not just become increasingly apparent in the global media context; it has almost turned into an everyday companion. At the... » read more


Net section

A Vision for Tomorrow
Singapore 2007: Media art, alternative art spaces and the survival of »The Artists’ Village«
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Ceramic Marilyn series
A short overview of Japanese phenomena of imitation
Vera Tollmann

Video Art on the Edge of Survival
Ana Peraica

Artistic Freedom, Reloaded
The situation of copyright legislation – as seen by a co-initiator of the initiative
Felix Stalder

Roaming Around
Digital divide, »1-dollar-a-day« economies and the question of access
Jochen Becker

Futures & Pasts
A re-encounter with Marcel Broodthaers’ »Section Cinéma«
Christian Höller



Bio-Power and Necro-Politics
Reflections on an ethics of sustainability
Rosi Braidotti

Christoph Draeger
Skulptur im Bezugsfeld von Reise, Migration und Flucht

…To the ends of the earth
Tony Chakar

The survival of others
On the representation of refugees and migrants in contemporary documentary films
Tom Holert

Why Take a Look at Dying?
The documentary films »Zeit des Abschieds/Time of Closure« and »Zeit zu gehen«
Judith Fischer

The Lives of Others
A conference in Vienna looks at current bio-political concepts and their connection to film and avant-garde
Thomas Edlinger

Re-presentation of the repressed
Art as a mirror of the social unconscious?
Peter Weibel

The Other Line
Interview with the art historian Jerko (Jesa) Denegri
Stevan Vukovic

The Zalesie Ball
Other Spaces in the Polish Avant-Garde
Luiza Nader

After Innovation
As an Onlooker at the Big Life-Industry Game
Hans-Christian Dany



Christian Philipp Müller
Edith Krebs

»!REVOLUTION? – Artistic reflections on mass-media representations«
Naoko Kaltschmidt

»Normal Love«
Antke Engel

»From Egypt With Love«
Anne Krause

»Veryu«/ »I believe«
Herwig G. Höller

»Architektur in Wörtern«
Nicola Hirner

»This will not happen without you«
Jörn Ebner

»The Feminist Future: Theory and Practice in the Visual Arts«
Mechtild Widrich

Brian Jungen
Nat Muller

Peter Piller
Ulrike Matzer

»1,2,3 … Avant-Gardes«
Dirck Möllmann

»Exile of the Imaginary. Politics Aesthetics Love«
Christa Benzer

»Shandyismus. Autorschaft als Genre«
Jens Kastner



Hans-Peter Feldmann & Klaus Heilmann:
Frauen im Gefängnis
Gislind Nabakowski

Tom Holert & Mark Terkessidis:
Jens Kastner

Agency, Tina Clausmeyer, Wim Cuyvers, Dirk Pauwels, SMAQ (Sabine Müller/Andreas Quednau), Kristien van den Brande:
BRAKIN. Brazville - Kinshasa.
Gislind Nabakowski

Krystian Woznicki (Hg.):
Julia Gwendolyn Schneider

Yvonne Volkart:
Fluide Subjekte
Susanne Lummerding